An Enchanted Corner

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am currently gathering a little inspiration to brighten up a corner in our back courtyard area. Oscar refers to it as his jungle and I love the idea of creating a whole make believe world in the space so they can truly get lost in their adventures.

I love the idea of children stepping into a magical, whimsical and creative space where they can chat to fairies, mix with gnomes, sip on pink lemonade and nibble on magical jelly beans. Even providing a dress up trunk filled with tutus, magician capes, wands and crowns so they can dance around as their favourite character from books and movies when friends come to play would be wonderful! Fairy lights to create a magical starry night, colourful pots and pans to cook up a pretend yummy lunch and plenty of child friendly bits and bobs will complete the space.

 Looking forward to getting a start on this project!

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 1

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 2

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 3

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 4

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 5

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 6

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 7

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 8

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 9

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 10

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 11

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 12

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 13

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 14

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 15

Enchanted Kids Corner_Image 16

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  • Tracey Silvers

    Hi Kate,
    Sounds amazing. We are on a similiar mission trying to create a playroom for Zoe. I’m feeling particularly inspired by Reggio Emilia at the moment and found a great blog Also I stumbled across this site that has some ideas for outside spaces and ‘fairy dust’ sensory activities. Could work well in your space.

    • Kate Cooper

      Hi Tracey,

      Wonderful!! Thanks for the links, they look great. I am super excited about making a little play/adventure/make believe space, especially now Mila & Oscar are really interacting. I think it will be alot of fun for them!
      Kate xx

  • Yasin

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